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I absolutely LOVED everyone on the staff at both offices, to the point where I legitimately want to stop in and say hi for no reason now. I was so impressed with the friendly environment, and Doctor Carter was able to get my braces on and off within a year (my teeth were bad ok) and for an affordable price. My brother and I have tried a couple different orthodontists, and doctor Carter blows them all out of the water. Awesome!

– Natalie

My children really love Dr. Carter. The staff is always so welcoming and the appointments are quick. I’m able to make appointments that work with our crazy schedule and get in and out in no time. The hardest part is getting the kids to leave!

– Heidi

Dr Carter is amazing he put braces on 2 of my children. They loved going to his office everyone is so friendly. Thank you

– Miranda

We brought our daughter in to Dr Carter about a year ago. We wanted to see what he could do to bring back her beautiful smile she lost after an accident that left her two front permanent teeth dead. He went out of his way to find the help and answers we needed from not only him, but from other doctors. After her ankylosed teeth were removed, Dr Carter gave her temporary teeth that look just like her real teeth! My daughter’s smile and self esteem have returned. We are forever grateful!

– JoDee

Dr. Carter is great at what he does and I would not trust anyone else in making my smile as great as I know he can and will again! My sister and I have completed our orthodontic treatment and I am back due to losing my retainers when I was younger! Staff is also very friendly!

– Shantelle

Dr. Carter and his team have the best customer service I have seen in a long time. They make each patient feel welcome and special. All four of my children have had braces (3 Invisalign & 1 traditional). The outcomes have been as promised, and their teeth look great. I really appreciate the caring attitude and professionalism exhibited by Dr. Carter and all of his staff.

– Holly

Both of my kids have gone to this place and it left them with amazing smiles..would def recommend them to everyone that is looking for an orthodontist.

– Sonia

You guys have amazingly friendly staff. You are so kind!!!!!

– Mady

I love how everybody is so happy all the time! It makes my day every time I come in.

– Brian

What I love about the office is that all the staff is always cheerful and smiling and it puts me in a great mood. It’s a great and friendly environment where everyone is so kind and country music is playing whenever we come in! Your office is the best!!!!!!!


Dr. Carter’s office has the friendliest and most professional staff of any other office! Not to mention they are outstanding in every way.


I love Dr. Carter’s Office!!! He is very caring and friendly to the kids and me. His staff is also very professional and helpful. I always feel like I can ask questions without feeling like I am putting them out. They are quick to help me with my issues. Thanks for all the work you do and the time you spend helping my kids have the most BEAUTIFUL smile that they can.


I tried many other orthodontists but Dr. Carter was the best, and finally my smile looks great!!!!


Thank you so much for applying my braces today!! You and your staff were so wonderful, and made me feel right at home. I’m so excited to see the changes that are coming, all that was missing from my life was that perfect smile. Thank you!!!


Not only is everyone so nice, but my appointments are always so quick. I feel as though I never have to wait and it makes it so easy with my work and school schedule.


Dr. Carter and his staff are so amazing. They always make me fill so welcome. I love coming in for an appointment every time I go in. Thank you for serving my family. You guys rock.


I love how the staff makes me feel important. They always seem interested in what’s going on in my life!


I was most impressed with Dr. Carter’s concern and the relationship he has with his patients. He takes the time to know them and make them comfortable. During the consultation visit he went over the entire treatment plan and what would best suit my son’s needs and went over cost and made every effort to make it affordable and not waste any of my time or money. My son’s plan was set up into two treatments to catch the growth spurts and use them to aid in the movement of my son’s teeth. My baby had horribly crooked teeth and now his smile dazzles everyone.


I love my teeth because they are straight and they give me a better smile. Dr. Carter’s office is fun to go to because all the staff is very nice to me.


I had a horrible overbite before and Dr. Carter really made my smile awesome! He is the best orthodontist ever and I would recommend him to everyone!


I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere provided by both Dr. Carter and his staff. Everything about him and his office seemed relaxed and easy.


It is comforting to know that Dr. Carter did not take any shortcuts with my braces treatment. I feel that he always had a long-range vision in mind rather than attempting to satisfy the fast-paced progress that I may have impulsively wished for at the time.


You made my dream possible to have a big smile and to be a happier and better person.


This is the friendliest office and Dr. Carter cares about his patients. Also, the office staff is so sweet.


We really appreciate the efficiency of the office visits. Little to no waiting. We are very pleased with the results of Kylee’s treatment!


Dr. Carter knows what he’s doing and always answers questions. Everyone from Dr. Carter to the receptionists is accommodating and friendly. Thanks so much. Plus my teeth look awesome in less time than I expected and was told in other orthodontic evaluations. Thanks!


This is my third time doing braces, (with all different doctors and Dr. Carter is the last one) Dr. Carter did a great job making my teeth straight and function well.


I think Dr. Gary A Carter and his crew are the best! They are kind and the treatment towards their patients is excellent. I was very pleased with my smile. In my appointments, they were very prompt and just overall I was really satisfied.


Dr. Carter was a very nice orthodontist. He really cares about you specifically and gets to know you personally. He has an incentive (prize) program that helps you to keep up on your oral hygiene. He also would go above and beyond just to try and help to get the best smile possible! I would definitely recommend everyone I know to go to Dr. Carter! He made my smile bright, straight, and beautiful! Thanks SO much, Dr. Carter!


Talking to the staff every time I had an appointment was the best part of my checkups. The only disappointment was finishing my one year of braces and not seeing them as often.


What impressed me most is how my teeth turned out. Dr. Carter is really good at his job and nice too. I also liked the variety of colored braces to choose from.


Yes, I absolutely LOVE my teeth and I don’t think I could ask for a better job done. I loved going to the office, everyone was friendly and nice. I would totally recommend Dr. Carter to anyone.


My experience was wonderful. I am so picky about most everything and I have to tell you, I LOVE my teeth. My entire family has had our braces put on by Dr. Carter and they are all very pleased with the results. I have referred many friends as well and again, they are all very happy with the results. If you want great results, I highly recommend Dr. Gary Carter.


I just got my braces off from Dr. Carter and my teeth look phenomenal. I get compliments all the time, not just from my friends that knew me before. Everyone in the office is SO friendly and they could always remember things from my life that I had told them. Dr. Carter always took care of me and treated me outstandingly. I would recommend Dr. Carter to anyone I know needing braces!


The service from everyone in the office was incredible! Dr Carter works very well with children he makes them feel very comfortable and explains each procedure with great detail. The Assistants are well trained and very cute! From the moment you walk in the door you know they are in it for the care and treatment for the patient and not just the money.


Dr. Carter is a cool guy… the type of guy you’d hang with normally.