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Our Commitment To You

Our professional team is dedicated to providing the highest quality orthodontic treatment in the most compassionate manner. We will consistently try to exceed the needs of each patient at every appointment.

Getting Started

Before braces are placed on crooked teeth, patients should visit a dentist for an exam and have any necessary dental work. Patients can then schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Carter to discuss the need for braces and possible orthodontic treatments.

Convenient Appointments

Your orthodontic appointments at Orthodontic Specialists of Utah are scheduled to fit your busy lifestyle. Our staff makes every effort to accommodate each patient’s schedule. In order to help us continue to schedule efficiently, 48 hour notice is requested to cancel an appointment.

Treatment Time

groupTreatment may last from 18 to 36 months, though this will vary depending on your individual case. The average orthodontic patient is in treatment from 18-24 months. Appointments are typically scheduled from 1 to 3 month intervals. Your cooperation in keeping scheduled orthodontic appointments, maintaining proper oral hygiene and taking care of your braces or your child’s braces may allow you to finish your orthodontic treatment early.

You Will Be Treated SPECIAL, By an Orthodontic Specialist!

(Visit the American Association of Orthodontists)

If you had a heart problem, would you go to a heart specialist for the best treatment or your family doctor? You are wise if you chose the specialist. Well your son or daughter is depending on you also to make the right choice when it comes to orthodontic treatment. You see, all Orthodontists are dentists but only 6% of dentists are Orthodontists. In fact, many dentists that put on braces today are not Orthodontists! To make matters worse, dental ads may confuse you when they say a dentist does “Orthodontics,” because if it’s just a regular dentist doing the braces, it is not the same as having treatment by an Orthodontist. But why is it so important to have your orthodontic treatment done by an Orthodontist and not a regular dentist?

Clinical research shows clearly that Orthodontists have treatment results that are superior when compared to the “braces” done by regular dentists. Perhaps you are willing to take a chance with your child, but remember your orthodontic result will endure a lifetime so why gamble? Without a doubt, the most important question you should ask your doctor is, “Are you an Orthodontist?” If the doctor says, “I’ve had training,” or “I’ve been doing this for 20 years,” or “I’m a member of an Orthodontics Society,” or anything but “Yes, I am an Orthodontist,” then be wary! Regret may be the difference between what you get and what you should have had, given the best treatment available. It is unfortunate, but in our office, we RE-TREAT many patients that first have been treated by regular dentists that “do” orthodontics.

Lastly, don’t fall for the gimmicks or lifetime “guarantees,” that some regular dentists offer you to put on your braces. No one ever wants braces a second time! Rather, choose Dr. Gary Carter, an Orthodontist, for the best chance to have your treatment done right, the first time. It will cost you less, you’ll be happier, your time won’t be wasted, your smile will be awesome, and we know that you will be happy. So come in to meet Dr. Carter and his staff. After discussing your treatment options and seeing the thousands of before/after patient photographs, you’ll know you made the right choice!

In Our Office, Communication Is Top-Notch!

Dr. Carter is a superb orthodontist and he sees every patient at every appointment. When you come in, be sure to look at all the before and after photos in his reception room. You will be amazed!

The best results, however, are achieved with patient/orthodontist teamwork. If there is a potential problem with you or your child’s braces, oral hygiene, cooperation with elastics, or treatment progress, etc., Dr. Carter will provide written “Important Notice” paperwork to make sure everyone understands what we must do to ensure the best chance for treatment success.

As an added convenience, we have an email system for you. Please feel free to use it to contact us at any time.

The Finishing Touches Are Special

womanWhen your braces or your child’s braces are removed, Dr. Carter will offer to reshape the edges of your teeth if they are chipped or worn. He calls this procedure Hollywooding and it can dramatically improve your smile line!

To make your beautiful, straight teeth look “WOW,” we also offer three types of teeth bleaching procedures. The most economical choice to whiten your teeth is the prescription strength Crest White Strips.

A better choice is to make custom bleaching trays from molds of your teeth. A special peroxide gel is used in the trays to whiten your teeth. As a third choice, we can use our convenient, one-hour, Rembrandt Sapphire bleaching process. This new procedure is done in-office where we use a special, plasma-arc light to enhance the bleaching system. This awesome procedure can lighten your teeth up to ten shades!

We will be happy to explain each of your choices in more detail.