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Photo Gallery

There are thousands of smiling patients in Utah that have had their orthodontic treatment by Dr. Gary Carter. Unlike most other orthodontic practice websites, we have the actual before and after orthodontic pictures of our patients, not just generic patient photos from some website design company.

Are you wondering what orthodontic treatment can do for you? Take a moment to browse our orthodontic case studies, such as patients with crowding, overbite, and underbite. Or come in to our office to meet our awesome staff and see many other before and after photos of our patients.

As you will see:

Phase 1/Phase 2 Treatment (Early Treatment)

Early treatment
Before Treatment
patient photos
After Phase 1
early treatment photo
After Phase 2
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Clear Correct

Do you know that 75% of Invisalign orthodontics is being done by general dentists and not Orthodontists? Buyer beware!

For the best result, see an Invisalign certified Orthodontist. See the explanation in the “crooked teeth” section below.

Before After
Invisalign Treatment invisalign treatment
Invisalign Treatment invisalign treatment
Invisalign UT invisalign case photo
Straight Teeth, No Braces clear Braces
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Before After
Underbite photo1 Underbite after photo
Underbite treatment Underbite carter orthodontics
Underbite UTAH Underbite Sandy treatment
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Deepbite (Upper Teeth Overlap Lowers Too Much or Lower Teeth Bite Into Palate)

Before After
Deepbite Treatment Deepbite case study
The following patient’s deepbite was causing her gum to recede on her lower front tooth. Notice the improvement after treatment and our custom whitening procedure!
Before After
Deepbite before photo Deepbite after photo

Crossbite Correction

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Before After
Crossbite Correction Crossbite Correction after
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Narrow Smileline? No problem!

Before After
Narrow Smileline Narrow Smileline treatment
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Overjet (often called “Overbite”) Correction

Notice how we “resculpt” the edges of the teeth to make the smile warmer and more appealing.

This patient was elected “homecoming queen” after her braces were removed!

Before After
Overjet Correction Overjet treatment
This patient was elected “best smile” in her entire high school class!
Before After
Overjet Sandy UT Overjet Murray UT
This patient had the “best smile” on her varsity soccer team!

Want an awesome smile too?

Before After
Overjet Correction Photo Overjet photo after
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Openbite (Cannot Bite Food Like Sandwiches And Pizza With The Front Teeth)

Before After
Openbite treatment Openbite Utah
Openbite correction Openbite Sandy
Openbite Murray Openbite UT
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Crooked Teeth? (50% Think Crooked Teeth Give A Negative First Impression!)

Question: Can general dentists “do the braces” and get the same high-quality results as Orthodontists? Recent clinical studies published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics show that the treatment results by general dentists are inferior to the results of Orthodontists. That’s probably not a surprise to you.

It is unfortunate that some general dentists believe that a weekend course will teach them to treat patients to the same, healthy, high-quality standards as an Orthodontist that has had three years of advanced training AFTER dental school! The current clinical research disagrees. Sad for the patients who think they are getting high-quality treatment by an Orthodontist, but actually are having their braces done by an undertrained, general dentist.

Think about this for a moment. Your family doctor would never think of performing heart or eye surgery; specialists are relegated to those complex treatments! For some reason, this logic does not apply to general dentists doing orthodontics, because many general dentists are dabbling with braces without having the advanced training of a specialist! Quite simply, Orthodontists are specialists, regular dentists are not! When a regular dentist “does orthodontics,” it is what the general dentist does not know about orthodontics that will affect your result and your dental health for the rest of your life!!!

One problem we see is if successful treatment calls for crooked, permanent teeth to be removed and they are not, the gentle, continuous, tooth-moving wires used with modern braces will gently push the front teeth forward, possibly right off the jawbone! Have you ever seen patients after their braces were removed and they have too big of a smile for their face or “horsey” protruding teeth? Teeth will not stay in this unhealthy, unnaturally protruded position. Teeth moved to this unstable position is one reason why some general dentists will “glue” the upper or lower front teeth together after they “do the braces.” What will happen to these teeth in a few years if you cannot clean them easily or properly? Orthodontists understand these risks and consequences and are the best-educated to make the right choices.

Here is another problem we’ve encountered. Jaw orthopedics, (“stretching,” expansion, or growth modification procedures) to try to fit all the permament teeth on the jawbone can be beneficial in special circumstances; however, if done at the wrong time, on the wrong patient, by the wrong person, if done improperly, or if tried when it should never have been attempted, then severe dental-health problems can be caused by jaw orthopedics.

This begs the question, why risk the long-term, orthodontic health of your child by trusting a general dentist to “do” the braces? In short, see an Orthodontist for the best chance to have your orthodontic treatment done right the first time, because NO ONE ever wants to have braces done twice!

Before After
Crooked Teeth Crooked Teeth correction
Crooked Teeth treatment Crooked Teeth patient photo
Crooked Teeth UT Crooked Teeth treatment Sandy
Crooked Teeth Murray Crooked Teeth UT
Crooked Teeth patient photo Crooked Teeth photo after
Crooked Teeth treatment Crooked Teeth Sandy correction
Crooked Teeth Murray Correction Crooked Teeth correction by carter
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Missing Teeth Restored With Implants

Before After
Missing Teeth Restored With Implants Missing Teeth Restored With Implants
Before & After
Missing Teeth Restored Missing Teeth
Missing Teeth correction in Utah Missing Teeth correction Sandy
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Jaw Surgery (Re-establishes Facial Balance And Harmony)

An Orthodontist and Oral Surgeon team-up for corrective jaw surgery in a relationship comparable to an architect and builder.
Jaw Surgery Re-establishes Facial Balance
Jaw Surgery (Re-establishes Facial Balance And Harmony) Facial Balance And Harmony
Jaw Balance And Harmony UT carter orthodontics
84070 orthodontist
top orthodontist UT Jaw Surgery picture gallery
Jaw and teeth
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All Orthodontists are dentists, but only 6% of dentists are Orthodontists. Unfortunately, many patients get braces by general dentists and think they are getting treated by an Orthodontist! Most importantly, ask the dentist that will be doing your orthodontic treatment, “Are you an Orthodontist?” Any attempts to answer with anything but “Yes” should make you reconsider seriously your choice. Visit the American Association of Orthodontists website for more information.

Call Dr. Gary Carter, a certified Orthodontist, for an exquisite smile that is personalized, naturally beautiful, healthy, and easy to maintain.

If excellence is available, good is not enough!

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