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Virtual Consultation

An “in-house” consultation is the best because we take an complimentary X-Ray to aid in your diagnosis; however, we can do a VIRTUAL CONSULTATION for your orthodontic treatment. All you have to do is:

  1. Provide your name, a phone number where we can contact you, and your zip code.
  2. Email the 3-5 photos of your teeth (per below) to [email protected] along with your orthodontic concerns and any questions you may have.
Your Right Side
Your Left Side
Top Teeth (optional but recommended)
Bottom Teeth (optional but recommended)

Dr. Gary Carter will carefully review your photos and give you a “preliminary” orthodontic plan best suited for your individual needs and desires.

**Please be aware that an “in-person” clinical exam will be necessary before your final orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan is established because other problems (TMJ, gum problems, etc.) may be found that were not depicted in your original photos.