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Summer Safety Tips

Posted July 10, 2014

~~It’s the middle summer, and we’ve all settled into to a relaxing groove. But let’s make sure the fun we’re having isn’t ruined by accidents or health issues. Stay safe this summer with these tips:

• No one likes getting bitten by mosquitoes or other insects. Use effective insect repellents.
• Bugs like flowery smelling things, so if you’re getting bitten up, stash away scented soaps, cosmetics, and hair products.
• Bugs also like to come out most in early evening, so when the sun starts going down, it’s a good time to change from shorts and a T-shirt to lightweight, long-sleeved clothing and pants.
• Check for ticks often and learn how to remove them safely. Lyme Disease and West Nile are certainly not things you want to catch.

• Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. It prevents the premature aging of skin, blotches and discoloration, and skin cancer. Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 whenever you’re going to be outside.
• Don a hat, and something with a wide brim is better than a baseball cap. A baseball cap won’t protect your neck or ears.
• Water is especially important on hot days. Carry a water bottle with you, and drink from it frequently, every 15 minutes or so.

• When you’re on a bike, wear your helmet. No one expects to fall off their bikes, but it happens, and head injuries can be serious. If you’re worried about comfort and looks, you can find plenty of stylish, lightweight helmets these days.
• Wear a helmet when on a skateboard or scooter, too. Pads for your elbows and knees add more protection.

• Do you have a trampoline in your backyard? If you do, only one person should be on it at a time. The vast majority of trampoline injuries happen when two or more people are on it.

• Going to the beach? Waves are fun to jump in, but a strong undercurrent can pull even the strongest swimmers out to sea. Pay attention to flags and warnings about each day’s local beach conditions.
• Not a strong swimmer? Take lessons. They’re a fun summer activity and can prevent drowning.
• When you’re on a sailboat, windsurfer, personal watercraft, or water skis, wear a life jacket.
• Don’t let crabs pinch your toes. It hurts!